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Our proven process

We build teams that deliver efficiently for your business. No hassle, no pain. Our proven, transparent process ensures you get the best results. How do we do it?

We build remote tech teams that deliver efficiently for your business with a proven track record. A rigorous selection process for pre-vetted developers and custom matching for your company's needs is what makes us successful:

Step 1

Discovery call

First, we get to know each other, your business, and your company’s needs. We highly appreciate meaningful professional and personal connections. It’s the power tool that leads us to find the right fit for you.

Step 2

Match the best talents with your needs.

We dig into a larger pool of individuals and teams to choose from, highly skilled, vetted & tested talents. We shortlist those who match your professional and soft skills requirements.

Step 3

Interview, refine, and select.

Next, we conduct our 4-step interviewing process to ensure:

  • cultural fit and eliminate language barriers;
  • the right skill sets & proven experience you are looking for;
  • effective cost structure within your budget;
  • specific requirements that need to be assessed.
Step 4

Test & assess.

After completing the interviewing process, all further tests & reviews that your company requires are applied. Only the best candidates will get into the next stage where you get to know each other.

Step 5

Decide & Hire.

There’s one more step until you team up with top-notch tech experts ready to take your project to the next level: decide and take the step to welcome them within your project.

Step 6

Manage. Prevent. Nurture. Care.

Everybody else stops here. Not us. Get Coders will stay with you throughout time to manage your team, help you prevent potential problems, and nurture the relationship. We focus on management, you focus on business!

Step 7

Trust & Transparency.

Our entire process is transparent. You control every step: you know what is happening and what comes next. We build teams based on trust and transparency.

Customer Testimonial

Steve Walsh

Get Coders helped me build my dream digital team. Before working with them, our HR process was a struggle. Developers coming and going always put our projects at risk. After getting in touch with them, we found the perfect team to deliver the ideal products. The team they built helped me deliver the best quality software products to my customers in the UK. The process was effortless and fast. The team is top-notch and easy to work with, manage and expand.

Why working with us?

Custom approach & tailored matchings.

We build your tech team, ensuring perfect matching between your company and the developers ready to come on board: soft skills, hard skills, and technical expertise and proven experience.

Trust & transparency.

Our entire process is transparent. You control every step: you know what is happening and what comes next. We build teams based on trust and transparency.

Engagement & retention.

We ensure open communication across the team and your internal workflow, as well as social integration for building (professional) relationships to last.

Team management done right.

Since managing a new remote team might be challenging, we make sure this comes easy for both parties for a smooth workflow and your project’s success.

Build your team through our existing network of vetted talents.

Are you looking for a different position? We have your back.

Get Coders’ approach vs. old,
traditional ways of scaling tech teams
Item Get Coders Typical employment Traditional methods
Personalised selection process
Personalised selection process Yes No No
Bespoke hiring & interviewing process
Bespoke hiring & interviewing process Yes No No
Time to build a team
Time to build a team Fast Slow Slow/Medium
Quality standard
Quality standard High Not able to predict Low/Medium
Talent vetting
Talent vetting Yes No Not always transparent
Process transparency
Process transparency Yes Hard to predict Low
Team retention & commitment
Team retention & commitment High Challenging to understand Not answered
Preventive team management
Preventive team management High Resource-consuming process Often not given
Process efficiency
Process efficiency Yes Hard when starting from the scratch Process is often missing
Replacement policy
Replacement policy Yes Up to a few months Slow
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So many platforms doing the same thing. How do you, guys do the things differently?

We are people first as we understand how much the human interaction counts in a professional relationship. This is why we value communication and transparency from the very beginning. You will get a personalised matching and vetting process considering your technical and personality requirements. Besides amazing candidates, we also have a project manager to keep an eye on things and make sure our collaboration will be as smooth as possible. A high attention to people’s needs and wishes, to try to prevent any major issues from happening. From product and design, to development, data management and infrastructure specialists, if there’s anything you need, we either have it or can find it for you.

How do I overcome culture and language barriers I might face with potential candidates?

Through over communication and a project manager or a client success manager available for both you and the candidates at all times, we make sure that any impediements you might encounter will be solved in a timely fashion, so that you manage to select the right person/s for your team

Who handles the legal and administrative parts?

As a client or a contractor, your contractual agreements will be signed with us, based on already existing drafts already built and reviewed by our legal team. We’ll also be here every step of the way during the collaboration, from the selection and onboarding until the closing of the project.

What happens if the freelancer I choose faces workplace issues like poor internet connection and improper work conditions that might put the project on hold or hold it back?

If you encounter any impediments in your collaboration, don’t hesitate to reach out to your assigned project manager, they’ll surely discuss with all parties and help find a solution - including for poor internet connection or workplace conditions. We also make sure that the internet connection, workplace background and conditions are favorable from the discussions we have with the potential candidates during the selection process.

What about cybersecurity & Intellectual Property? How do you ensure my project is covered in terms of cybersecurity and intellectual property?

The Client shall be the sole and exclusive owner of all patents, patent applications, copyrights, trademarks, mask works, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights, worldwide (Intellectual Property Rights) that are embodied in any deliverable and any other idea, documentation, model, process, methodology, framework, know-how, interface, plan, strategy, material, invention, work, or other matter that is created, conceived, or reduced to practice by any Contractors in the performance of their Services (the IP), except for any Background IP. To the extent any Background IP is incorporated into any deliverable, we grant the Client a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, paid-up, transferable, worldwide, nonexclusive license to such Background IP, with the right to grant sublicenses, solely to make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell, import, copy, distribute, modify, and otherwise exploit any deliverable, product, method, and process, and for no other purpose.

What if the freelancer I chose to hire through Get Coders proves not to be the right match?

This is one of the reasons why we have the 30 days trial period. Most issues have a solution, even if it’s obvious or not. If the person you chose to hire is not a match, you just need to reach out to your project manager and they’ll help with finding a solution, depending on the problem you’ve encountered.

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